The Front-End Bootcamp(Live)

From a boutique shop to an MNC, the first digital identity we come across is their website only and foremost the Front-End (the visual part of the website). As the businesses will digitize, there will be more requirements for front-end skills. We have curated this relevant Front-End Development Bootcamp.


Astha Aneja



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  • Intermittent Assessment
  • Project Based Evaluation
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Course Summary

Suppose you have to book Railway tickets and you have PayTM and IRCTC websites with you, so what will you choose for your task? Of course, PayTM right? Why, because it has a more user-friendly UI(Front-End) than the IRCTC website that allows you to book tickets with ease and in less time. So, here comes the importance of Front-End for a business.

This Live Front-End Bootcamp starts with layout designing of websites using HTML followed by minimal beautification using CSS. After knowing the layout foundation, we will learn how to make an interactive layout and portion of the website using JavaScript. Then we will explore deeper into the applications of JavaScript and the different Frameworks like Bootstrap, React, and Angular. The Bootcamp also includes live case studies of different websites on the World Wide Web to make the application that we will make the learning more impactful. 

Thus, this Bootcamp is really a cost-efficient and significant product from Edudictive and is a must for proceeding towards Full Stack Development.


No prerequisite, if you are curious about websites, then you can benefit through this Bootcamp.

  • Dynamically Typed Languages Introduction

  • Why Python?

  • Overview of the bootcamp

  • Practical Uses of the language

  • Environmental Setup

  • Comments and Indentation

  • Writing first program in Python

  • Basic Data Types

  • Identifiers

  • If-else statements and their significance

  • Entry & Exit Control Loops

  • Pre-Defiined Functions and Libraries

  • User-Defined functions

  • Lists

  • Tuples

  • Dictionaries

  • Sets

  • Introduction

  • Application

  • Library Used in this

  • Installation of different libraries

  • Introduction of Numpy and Pandas

  • Data Analysis in MSExcel v/s Data Analytics in Python

  • Introduction of Scikit learn and Matplotlib

  • Installation of libraries

  • Example

  • Application in Real life

  • Why is Web Scraping used?

  • Why is Python good for web scraping?

  • Libraries used for Web Scraping

  • Web Scraping example – Scraping Flipkart Website

  • I/O for Numpy Arrays

  • I/O for Arrays in other formats

  • I/O for Pandas DataFrames

  • Reading CSV- formatted data into DataFrames

  • Reading MS-Excel spreadsheets into DataFrames

With the End of Course

You will have:

But Why learn Front-End?

Front End Development is right now a hot skill for which every day a lot of vacancies are posted by different organizations of different sizes. 

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9 Reviews
Nitish Kumar
Read More
It was the best and interesting bootcamp, I have ever attended. If I didn't attended this bootcamp, I would still think that web development is not that great, but after this bootcamp I finally get to know the true worth of web development.
Vanshika Jain
Read More
Nice experience. The points I liked were discipline, interaction with us and instead of using templates we created elements ourselves so we understood basics really well. Looking forward for back end web development workshop.
Aman Kaintura
Read More
It was really good session . I did something productive in weekend. They have really good mentors . All other sessions like LinkedIn and soft skills were also awesome. Overall it is a worth to be a part of this session

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