The UI/UX Bootcamp(Live)

A perfect Bootcamp to learn designing the brand identity essentials like Logo, Vectors, User Interface, Journey, and Experience. Learn from a UI/UX enthusiast and be bold with your UI & UX skills in the Corporate World.


Pourav Raj

B-Tech, MAIT


₹4999 1497
  • 16Hrs Live Online Classes
  • One-on-one Interaction
  • Intermittent Assessment
  • Project Based Evaluation
  • Hindi & English
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Course Summary

Understanding the organization, the product of the business, creating a brand logo, graphics, and vectors, and ultimately imparting emotions to the brand entity makes the responsibility of a UI/UX designer really exciting.

The Bootcamp will begin with the theory of colors that will help us in making an impactful color pallet for a brand that will helps us in building the foundation for all the social media content, vectors and graphics. Then comes the implementation of color theory on the graphical content using editors like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and Figma to prepare ourselves acording to the trends and industrial requirements. Then comes the graphic research that helps us in analyzing and comparing what different brands in the same niche are creating so that we can plan out what new can we do with our design. The bootcamp also includes the live case studies for better understaning about usage of the UI/UX knowledge and that will also help you in making creative, aesthetically pleasing and interactive designs, layouts and graphics.  

Thus, this Bootcamp is really a cost-efficient and significant product from Edudictive and is a must for proceeding towards Full Stack Development.


No prerequisite, anyone can learn through this Bootcamp who wants to play with colors and designs.

This will be for the beginner, who are just getting into design. During the bootcamp you will understand the basic of UX and UI Design, how to get started into the field, how to create a case study ,your portfolio and how to get your first Client.

  • Introduction to UI/UX Design.
  • Difference between UI & UX Design.
  • Design Thinking
  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Importance of UX Design
  • UX Process
  • User Research
  • Ideating the Problem
  • Finding user research method.
  • User Personas
  • Empathy mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • User flows
  • Wireframe
  • User Testing
  • Design Principles
  • UI Elements/Pattern
  • Design Softwares
  • Low/High Fidelity
  • Style Guides
  • UX Case Studies
  • Web & Mobile Design Presentations
  • Freelancing Session

With the End of Course

You will have:

But Why learn UI/UX?

Every Organization today requires the visual representation of its brand(physically as well as digitally) in such a way that the audience will be ready to shake hands and receive its product or service. And that’s why UI/UX professionals are in-demand.


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9 Reviews
Nitish Kumar
Read More
It was the best and interesting bootcamp, I have ever attended. If I didn't attended this bootcamp, I would still think that web development is not that great, but after this bootcamp I finally get to know the true worth of web development.
Vanshika Jain
Read More
Nice experience. The points I liked were discipline, interaction with us and instead of using templates we created elements ourselves so we understood basics really well. Looking forward for back end web development workshop.
Aman Kaintura
Read More
It was really good session . I did something productive in weekend. They have really good mentors . All other sessions like LinkedIn and soft skills were also awesome. Overall it is a worth to be a part of this session

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