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Learn the art of creating a digital presence of a brand, side-businesses to earn some extra money, and start your journey towards entrepreneurship

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp

A simplified course covering important aspects of Digital Marketing starting from Search Engine Optimization to that will help you begin your side hustle comfortably with confidence. The week-long Bootcamp includes disclosure of many secrets in the Digital Marketing Domain.

Course Summary

This course helps you dive into the marketing aspects of the digital world. Well, its starts with ‘Keyword’. Choosing proper keywords helps us in reaching the right audience quickly. So the journey of this Bootcamp starts with Keyword analysis and then covering the overview of skills of Digital Marketing like SEO, SMM, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, and Funnel Making along with the side gigs like Affiliate Marketing, Domain Flipping, etc. that you can do part-time to earn some extra money from the day.

The curriculum has been designed by the passionate digital marketers working with Edudictive in different projects and collaborations. Digital Marketing is a dynamic field, hence, we have made sure whatever resource and content we will be providing you is up-to-date. We believe that this course will provide you complete knowledge that you need to start a side hustle or online business quickly and take leverage of the free social media features available to us like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, and Google. Towards the end of the course, you will be required to show a Project that you have started to practice the information you have learned over a week.

Thus, this Bootcamp is really a cost-efficient and significant product from Edudictive.


No prerequisite for this course, but having some knowledge about Marketing helps you learn faster. Also, if you have plan to create a brand but don’t know how to begin, this is the bootcamp for you.

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