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Learn the UI/UX fundamentals and start designing the Vectors and User Interface graphics.

The UI/UX Bootcamp

Course Summary

Understanding the organization, the product of the business, creating a brand logo, graphics, and vectors, and ultimately imparting emotions to the brand entity makes the responsibility of a UI/UX designer really exciting.

The Bootcamp will begin with the theory of colors that will help us in making an impactful color pallet for a brand that will helps us in building the foundation for all the social media content, vectors and graphics. Then comes the implementation of color theory on the graphical content using editors like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, and Figma to prepare ourselves according to the trends and industrial requirements. Then comes the graphic research that helps us in analyzing and comparing what different brands in the same niche are created so that we can plan out what new can we do with our designs. The boot camp also includes the live case studies for better understanding about usage of the UI/UX knowledge and that will also help you in making creative, aesthetically pleasing and interactive designs, layouts and graphics.  

Thus, this Bootcamp is really a cost-efficient and significant product from Edudictive and is a must for proceeding towards Full Stack Development.


No prerequisite, anyone can learn through this Bootcamp who wants to play with colors and designs.

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