C++: From Zero to Hero

With all the study resources scattered over the internet, this C++ course provides the information base, concepts, and questions handpicked by the instructors experienced in C++ to help you learn programming with C++ in less time.


Sachin Singla

B.Tech, Delhi Technological University


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  • 16Hrs Live Online Classes
  • One-on-one Interaction
  • Intermittent Assessment
  • Project Based Evaluation
  • Hindi & English
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Course Summary

The course begins with the introduction to programming with C++, covering all the core concepts about data types and storage, memory allocation, the flow of control, user-defined data types and identifiers, object-oriented programming, data structures, and file handling with the repetitive assessment based on tricky questions targeting the fundamentals and concepts learned during the live classes. The fundamental learnings and concept clarity through this simplified C++ course will help you in understanding the role of a Programmer/Software Developer in the IT industry. Towards the end of the course, you will be guided to work on a Capstone project to evaluate your take-aways and provide you the certification.


No prerequisite, anyone can learn through this Bootcamp who wants to grow fast.

  • Constants

  • Variables

  • Keywords

  • Modifiers (long, short signed, unsigned)

  • If-Else Statements

  • Switch Statements

  • For

  • While

  • Do-while

  • Pattern problems

  • Definition

  • Declaration

  • Scope

  • Call by value

  • Call by reference

  • Return type

  • Dereferencing *, &, ->

  • Fibonacci

  • Factorial

  • Backtracking

  • 1-D Arrays

  • 2-D Arrays
  • Char array

  • String operations

  • Classes

  • Access Specifiers 

  • Types of members

  • Virtual Classes

  • Linear Search

  • Binary Search

  • Bubble

  • Selection

  • Insertion

  • Merge Sort

  • Quick Sort

  • Heap Sort

  • Stacks

  • Queues

  • Linked List

  • Binary trees

  • BST

  • Hashing

  • Heap

  • STL

  • Trie

  • DP

  • Graph

With the End of Course

You will have:

But Why learn C++?

The Course: C++ zero to hero is a simplified course that helps an individual in beginning his/her Programming Journey with C++. The benefits of learning C++ are:

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9 Reviews
Nitish Kumar
Read More
It was the best and interesting bootcamp, I have ever attended. If I didn't attended this bootcamp, I would still think that web development is not that great, but after this bootcamp I finally get to know the true worth of web development.
Vanshika Jain
Read More
Nice experience. The points I liked were discipline, interaction with us and instead of using templates we created elements ourselves so we understood basics really well. Looking forward for back end web development workshop.
Aman Kaintura
Read More
It was really good session . I did something productive in weekend. They have really good mentors . All other sessions like LinkedIn and soft skills were also awesome. Overall it is a worth to be a part of this session

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