internships important for industrial experience

Do you want to grab a high paying job in an MNC, or do you want to be an entrepreneur but have no market experience? Well, it’s a fact that experienced people easily find opportunities with good outcomes. In a case where you don’t have industrial experience in any field but still aspire to have any of the above-mentioned ambitions in mind, doing an internship in a field you admire is really important for you.

abstraction of a fruitful internship
A team of interns making internship fruitful

Employers these days rely heavily upon resumes that illustrate a relevant work history of an applicant from his/her past internships, volunteer work, or some actual jobs. Practically Working background carries huge importance when you make an attempt to enter the job market. Basically, different organizations are fighting against their peers and in such a competition, they want a highly productive team. And only experience holders of different domains can form a good team. So, if you’re looking to gain experience, trust us, working as an intern is the most advantageous plan of action.


We have compiled a list of five reasons why engaging in internships can be important for your career :


1.Valuable Industrial Exposure and Experience:

internships important for industrial experience
industrial exposure makes an internship fruitful for an individual.

This is how the industrial exposure and experience you gain makes your internship important.

  • It allows an individual to implement whatever they have gained from education and make a skill out of it.
  • We can acquire endless amounts of education in our life, however, that knowledge doesn’t always turn into working life. The great thing about internships is that it teaches young professionals about the specific industries and companies they are interested in.
  • Not only that even the experience of trying something new is extremely beneficial. Doing an internship exposes you to new people in a more controlled and stable environment. An intern isn’t really thrown into the wolves but rather given proper training, assignments, and duties without the added pressure. Internships provide a nice learning curve for students with little experience of the professional world.


2. Discover Yourself:

internships help you in knowing about yourself.
An internship for a specific role can help you find your passion.
  • The experiences we go through are what shapes us as a whole. The internships not only encourage our personal development, but they also have a greater impact on our understanding of our own self. To know yourself is to know your goals and how to best achieve them within your workplace.
  • Finding this level of clarity is difficult, but sometimes all it takes is trying someone new, out of our comfort zone. For instance, take a Business Marketing student example who decides to do an internship related to his field.
  • That internship would give them a chance to explore what a career in business marketing would be like, and Sometimes, reality does not meet our expectations. so, At this point, the student is given a chance to decide whether they wish to continue with their current career path or they want to try something else. This is why internships are important for individuals.


3. Network to Net Worth  :

internships help in building network
Internships help you build a good network of people that can be an asset to you in the future.
  • Networking is an exchange of information between people, with the goal of establishing new acquaintances and relationships to advance your career. Yes, you can attend a networking event without doing an internship, but there you would be limiting yourself to an extent.
  • But, taking part in an internship allows you to establish deeper relationships than you normally would, as talking to a stranger one-on-one. Apparently, being an intern gives you a greater number of opportunities to build connections. So, networking makes your internship important.


4. Save your CV From Going To The Trash

you get something to put into your resume.
Through internships, you gain experience and that helps you in building your resume.
  • While you may get second chances when talking to someone face-to-face, your resume will not. Think of your resume as a hardcopy of yourself and how you would want someone to perceive you. Instead of thinking long term about that job, put your mindset to short term.
  • Your short-term goal should be to secure a job interview first. Once you get an interview, then you’ll be able to elaborate on why you deserve to work with that company. So now you may be asking, “How do I get a job interview?” So let me tell you, there is one specific section on your resume that employers will be more interested in than any other portion.
  • Yes, Experience! Internships are the perfect way to enhance your resume through relevant experiences. List the tasks you’ve done and projects you’ve participated in to demonstrate your value. During your internship, you can acquire new skills and abilities which can improve yourself as a young professional, and furthermore enhance your resume. 


5. Increment Into A Full-Time Position:


intenrships may also extend to jobs
Internships may also land you a great job in the same organization or different.
  • Internships offer opportunities to transition into full-time positions. Although it is not fixated, most CEOs are always seeking to add value to their company. With an internship, you’re given the opportunity to showcase your talents, commitment, and value to them.
  • Moreover, they are more inclined to hire you once they have invested time and money to train you into someone who you have become. Given these points, an internship is more than crucial for your future career. An internship is the building blocks necessary for creating the path to a successful career.
  • So, next time you’re on a gap year or summer break, you might want to consider indulging in a meaningful internship and build towards your future. If you’re ready to start your international internship, apply now to a destination in Asia and the career field of your choice!


Conclusion:  Internship is the best way to go ahead in life in my perspective, because as you are learning practically & also getting paid for those learning instead of paying for learning & also getting experience & real-life exposure.

Best way to learn, earn & spend your precious time with effective utilization.

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