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Job Description:

  1. Research top 100 companies by various sectors who currently are using DataBase (DB) services (buying from our competitors). Will require desk-research as well as tele-calling in to client list (to survey what they currently use)
  2. Find information sources on the web (for various attributes of our DB) depending on sector. Ex. CSR contacts, Govt contacts (who are not on LinkedIn), Schools/College information, Turnover info about companies, Financials of companies etc.
  3. Research on Data aggregation sources – and create benchmark of which sources have what quality of data
  4. Do continual analysis of our digital leads (which verticals are they coming from, what verticals are they asking for)
  5. Analyze all past campaigns – and create a list of what type of profiles were most sought after, and quantum we provided (we should be able to assess what type of data will be off highest quality/confidence in our UDB)
  6. Entertain ongoing new research requests from Delivery
  7. Ongoing research for competitor analysis (for product management input)

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