National Girl Child Day: Here’s why we celebrate it on 24th January

National Girl Child Day Celebration in India was begun by the ministry of women and child development in 2008 to aware people across the country of the gender-based hardships faced by girls and motivate the public to ensure women’s empowerment in the family. Through National Girl Child Day-like campaigns, the government makes sure that the public perception about the women, their lives, and duties changes with time.

But why there was a need to start such campaigns?

Well, the reason behind celebrating the National Girl Child Day was to transform the prevalent orthodox perception of keeping the girl child deprived of the opportunities that may create their brand but limiting their world to household management only. Here, we want to emphasize ‘opportunities’ rather than ‘household management’.

Although there is a significant difference between the progress of women in urban cities and rural areas, still the conditions have changed today from what they earlier were. Women on average are happier, have higher expectations from life now as compared to the previous generation women.

Let’s discuss what has changed

If we talk about rural areas, the women freely express their opinions that they want to pursue, hence they either manage the business along with the men like handicrafts, farming, and even small stores or they graduate and become a part of the service sector. They feel free to contribute in any way to increase the household income to improve the standard of living. 

bhar's mushroom women
Bina Devi from Munger, Bihar learned about Mushroom agriculture from Krishi Vigyan Center and started growing them. Today, she trains more than 10,000 women from nearby villages for Mushroom Farming, and for this initiative, she was even awarded by the President of India.

If we talk about urban cities, a girl and a boy are brought up with equal affection and are supported for all the opportunities they say yes to. That’s why today we find women serving in almost all domains. They are the leading teams in big organizations like Infosys, RIL, and in unicorn startups like Ola cabs, Flipkart, etc.

indian women entrepreneurs
Some of the vibrant women entrepreneurs India has produced.

And such a change should be considered as extra-ordinary. That’s why it is important to celebrate the change in perception, the inflow of opportunities in the lives of women, the National Girl Child Day. Team Edudictive wishes everyone Happy Girl Child Day and strongly condemns the social elements that still keep the girls deprived of freedom of pursuing their passion just because they are girls.

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