solution to the problems faced by studeents in online learning

Online vs Offline Classes | Which one is better?

online class is better or offline is better?
What is your opinion on Online Class v/s Offline Class?

Almost every Ed-Tech or E-Learning platform is doing the same thing.

As we all know and can clearly see that there are too many upcoming ed-tech startups having the primary motive of generating a great profit by selling their online courses.

Online courses aren’t that bad but when it comes to online study, the work must be focused more on quality over quantity.

The leading upskilling partner for all of you Edudictive is very different from the lot. We focus on providing information and knowledge to each and every student of ours. We try to clear as many doubts as possible and we make it a point of making each and every student aware of the market and what the industry needs. 

Biggest Flaw in the existing E-learning platforms

biggest flaw in e learning platforms
There are many flaws in existing Ed-Tech Platforms.

The biggest flaw is the interaction. The lack of interaction and comfort can lead to many problems as they keep on piling up all the problems which would not allow them to focus on the course completely.

Students may suffer from a lack of self-confidence, introverted, anxiety issues, stress & many such issues.

The Ed-Tech companies out there are not addressing these issues effectively whereas Edudictive is ready to change this scenario completely.


The Solution to all the Lag

solution to the problems faced by studeents in online learning
Online learning can be made successful using some solutions

According to us the best way to resolve this problem is that they must balance offline and online study (training). The same way online presence is important, offline presence plays a vital role too.

Edudictive: Resolving the crucial problems faced by the students. Edudictive is trying to resolve this problem in every way possible. We have changed their approach completely.

  1. We do not only provide online courses but we also offer an equal portion of time to the physical boot camps, training sessions, seminars & we are not only restricted to the courses. We also offer multiple internships and job opportunities as per your potential.

  2. Edudictive works a bridge between school/college to the industrial world out there.

  3. Apart from providing you hands-on-training Edudictive also provides learning facilities, industrial exposure, fun brainstorming sessions, multiple oppressive throughout and even after the course as well.

Willing to grow and groom your potential?

Connect with Edudictive and grow from within. 


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