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A Quick Digest on Twitter (For top 1%)

It is all about exploring, everyone has heard about Twitter but do you actually know what Twitter is?

Twitter world a number one self-improvement & smart social media platform where people go to find or to share what is happening around the world. It allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets

Tweets can be up to 140 characters long only this is what makes Twitter interesting.

But why should we chose Twitter?

why twitter is special
These points make Twitter a unique platform.


  • Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is quite unique because it is one of the best platforms to express your opinions, to let people understand what you really think about the world around you by interacting with the audience in a way where you feel.
  • All top-class people like influencers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, greats leaders & so on use twitter and are more active on Twitter than any other social media platform.


twitter is fast
Twitter gives us the fastest way to connect with great minds.

Twitter is the fastest way to connect directly with great minds. Wherever great minds had to share something they did on Twitter with other great minds directly. One of the greatest examples is Elon Musk the CEO of TESLA.

What kind of audience is present on Twitter?

  • Talking about the audience on Twitter, It has an enormous amount of audience just like any other platform but Twitter is more likely for thinkers, intellectual & successful people.
  • It maintains a quality audience rather than maintaining the quantity audience

3 Amazing  Facts About Twitter 

We are making you aware of these amazing twitter facts.

  1. Most of the breaking news is taken from twitter directly about such great minds.
  2. Tweets are generally limited to 140 words on Twitter.
  3. According to a report, Twitter has 14.5 crore daily active users.

How to make the best use of Twitter?

best use of twitter
Use Twitter to build your Brand
  • Capture your niche network
  • Tweet writing – Your tweet must be Clear, Specific & Well represented

In the end, Busting the Biggest Myth about Twitter!

Twitter has only News, politics, hate & negativity

Every social platform has News, politics, hate & negativity too but the thing is easy to remove such things on Twitter just by unfollowing this type of accounts & easily continue with your flow.

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